The World's 1st Whiskey of Its Kind

(And The Deep South's* 1st Ever Double Gold Whiskey)

In Duality, we at Atlanta's ASW Distillery have distilled the world’s first whiskey of its kind, fermenting two malted grains - barley & rye - in the same vessel before distilling them together and maturing them in charred oak casks for a whiskey with the depth of bourbon, the robustness of rye, and the complexity of single malt whiskey. A whiskey that earned a Double Gold Medal at the 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

To do so, we combined the Scottish tradition of double copper pot distillation with the Appalachian innovation of grain-in distillation, leaving the grains in throughout both fermentation and the first distillation in our 500 gallon Vendome Copper & Brass Works wash still. We made our cuts - determining what portion of the spirit to put into a barrel - in such a way as to lend a subtle element of smoke to the finish, then matured the spirit in a variety of American white oak barrels.

The result is a whiskey with a singular flavor profile of rich toffee and coffee, a bouquet of fruit, and a dusting of smoke.

To complement this fine whiskey, our team designed a label completely in-house, taking our nod from styles of art ranging from sketches in medieval texts to art deco. As an homage to one of our favorite literary texts involving duality, we worked with Ian MacDonald of Glasgow Live to obtain a Scottish-Gaelic translation of the famous passage from Shakespeare’s MacBeth that begins: “Double double, toil and trouble, fire burn, and cauldron bubble....”

We then finished the label on linen with gold foil accents, for a gorgeous final product, worthy of the whiskey inside the bottle. Others seem to agree wholeheartedly.

*By Deep South, we use the traditional definition that includes Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi & South Carolina.